A Few Pointers on Winning at Online Slots

Various slot strategies, including the basic, up the stairs, patterns, squirrel, and more, are summarized here.

The Easy Way to Win at Slot Machines

If you’re playing slots with a tiny bankroll but still want a high risk-reward curve, the Simple method is for you. The game begins with a two-coin wager. Regardless of the player’s current stake, if he wins, he will wager three coins in the following pull. The player will decrease the bet by one coin in the event of a loss. Players capitalize on winning streaks by betting greater stakes.

Strategy for Slot Machines: Moving Up the Steps

A cautious approach that helps low rollers keep their bankrolls intact is up the stairs. If you win, your stake goes up by one coin, and if you lose, it goes down by one coin. That’s the theory behind it. Two coins are used for the initial wager. While the player may not benefit as much from winning streaks as he would with the Simple method, he is better able to weather losing streaks.

Three-Star Slot Machine Method

Belief that winning or losing streaks are not made up of single victories or losses is the foundation of the 3 Star method. Consequently, the tactic is based on lengthy betting cycles. Ten bets with three coins, ten with two coins, and ten with one coin would make up a thirty-bet sequence. Under typical conditions, this order is maintained without alteration. Nevertheless, after four consecutive defeats, the player must switch to ten bets with one less coin, and vice versa after four consecutive victories.

Methods for Winning at Slot Machines

There is no such thing as a winning or losing streak with the Patterns approach. Players who aren’t interested in little victories are also the target audience for this tactic. No matter what happens with each pull, players who have decided on a pattern based on their bankrolls and aggressiveness levels adhere to it. What follows are a few typical patterns.

1-2-3-2-2-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1: It’s a number. With a bankroll of 27 coins, this 15-bet sequence is moderately aggressive.

This aggressive 10-bet sequence is perfect for low rollers with a 26-coin bankroll: 2-3-3-3-2-2-3-3-3-2.

A sequence of two, three, three, three, two, three, three, and two. This is a high-stakes, aggressive 15-bet sequence that calls for 36 coins.

A Strategy for the Chicken Slot Machine

Like a chicken on the run, the gambler in the Chicken strategy repeatedly switches up the slot machines after each game. Both the player’s bankroll and the amount of games he wishes to play are customizable. Counting the games, he divides the bankroll in half. Assume he gets 30 coins per game. He uses thirty pennies to strategize for every game. He switches to a different machine after playing 30 cents on the previous one.

Approach to the Squirrel Slot Machine

Like a squirrel storing nuts for winter, a player using the Squirrel approach sets away some of their wins. To put this plan into action, the player has to secure a significant early victory. So, let’s say the player wins fifty dollars. After deducting $30, the player plays with $20. The $30 he has stashed away will cover any loss of the $20. The player does this again if he wins; he sets away some of his gains. So, he comes out ahead when he leaves the casino.