GrandBay Casino

When Casino Grand Bay initially loads, you can practically feel the Caribbean sun on your neck. It almost reminds me of the first Daniel Craig Bond film, Casino Royale, when the super spy flies to the tropics to hunt a supervillain and manages to seduce a few women (our memory is a little vague, apologies).

Although, if you’re gambling from a cold, poorly-insulated rental property in some remote corner of hipster East London, or your local equivalent, the theme is certainly appealing- you could stare at the banner image, of a yacht mored next to impossibly (and no doubt Photoshopped) white sands that give way to tear-inducingl Not an awful sight.

It doesn’t break any new ground for online casinos, but it does have everything in its place. With a simple click, you may start playing on your web browser on either Mac or Windows, or switch to the incredibly smart Smartphone and Tablet version of the site.

Below that are thumbnail photos for popular games, some of which offer free trial versions to try out. There’s also a wonderful Recent Winners ticker, which emphasizes how regularly individuals win on this site and adds to the sense of community.

With a large $100 sign up bonus across the header picture and an ad for a chance to climb onboard a real live cruise ship, all questions about Promotions are put to rest. But we’ll get to it later.

Wherever You Want To Go

There are several games to choose from. Video Slots, Progressives, Table Games, Video Poker, and Others are all categories that welcome you as the site loads, and each has a unique design, theme, and appearance.

We loved the Progressive Jackpot machines, of which there are a few. Magnificent 7s, a Wild West-inspired endeavor with just three paylines, was possibly the most enjoyable. The video poker alternatives aren’t as groundbreaking as those we’ve seen, but the action is flawless. Overall, a great collection, perhaps not as large as other sites, but still excellent.

Offers and Rewards

We have highlighted the $100 sign-up bonus, which is a bet match. That’s not awful, but the developers and casino owners are loosing out by not giving additional promotions. Yes, we’ve seen overly-complicated ‘deals’ that don’t benefit the gamers, but excellent offers are wonderful offers, and we embrace them.

Ongoing Help

Unlike many casinos that just give one international number or an online form, GrandBay goes above and beyond. There is a distinct number for each qualified area, as well as an email address. That said, we’re still surprised that Live Support isn’t industry standard. But it’s getting there.

This ensures you have lots of help for enquiries and any probable oddities. Things like these shouldn’t happen, but when they do, it’s helpful to know there are channels open to rapidly resolve difficulties.


Maybe it’s an homage to James Bond, maybe not. In any case, GrandBay has regular tournaments that provide a competitive edge that many other online casinos lack.

It’s excellent news for individuals who don’t want to spend all their extra cash or loyalty points, but it’s also great news for those who do want to buy in and test their mettle.

Let Go and Laugh

With GrandBay Casino’s dedicated banking website (simply click on the ‘Banking’ option), you can rest easy.

This is the finest approach to give customers peace of mind about how safe their transactions are, and it is the easiest to locate and read. The greatest encryption is 128-bit, and the payment options, including newcomers like Skrill, contribute to the idea that your money is in secure hands.

Taking Off

Admittedly, we’d like to take a trip around beautiful islands while simultaneously gambling. But because we can’t do that right now, or at least couldn’t at the time of writing, this is the next best thing.

GrandBay can’t control the weather outside your window, but it can give the big money thrills you want.

With a large assortment of games in a variety of formats, this is the closest thing to a digital casino experience. We also like the loyalty system since it encourages players to participate as much as possible, rewarding them with major incentives.

The design is simple and elegant, and the technology is cutting-edge, putting this in the top tier of online casinos, delivering both confidence and fun. And if that’s not enough of a recommendation, we’re not sure what is.